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Sea Kayaking Paradise

Exclusive Deer Group Islands Base Camp!

Batstar's found an area, an island and a campsite so spectacular and the opportunity so unique that you're going to have a trip of a lifetime experience.

It's an ancient Huu-ay-aht First Nations village site on Diana Island in the Deer Group Islands in Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, an hour's paddle from Bamfield. We've run trips to the Deer Group for years and it truly is an amazing place and world class sea kayaking destination.

Scroll down as I show you what makes this sea kayaking destination so wonderful. You can reserve a spot without a deposit while you get your plans/group together.


In my 25 years of sea kayaking on the West Coast of Canada I've camped on some beautiful islands. Our base camp on Diana Island in the Deer Group Islands is the best one I've found for Batstar guests. In 2017, when we are there, we have exclusive use of this ancient Huu-ay-aht First Nations village site. It can accommodate up 20 guests with tent sites on the midden and on the beach. Our trip size is typically a maximum of 10 guest and 2 guides. If a larger group is requested, we treat it as a custom trip and add guides depending on the total number of guests.

Our base camp on Diana Island is just over an hour's paddle from Bamfield.

Bamfield to Diana Island

Barkley Sound

Central Vancouver Island

Looking at Sanford Island in the Deer Group from the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Beyond Sanford Island in the distance are the Broken Group Islands.

There's an archaeologically significant canoe run that we use to access our campsite, just like the Huu-ay-aht did for centuries. There are two beautiful beaches so there's lots of room for people to find solitude. The 2 minute trail between the beaches takes you through an incredible Pacific Temperate Rain Forest. In the evenings, we go to the west point and watch the sunset over the Broken Group Islands in Pacific Rim National Park.

Our base camp on Diana Island has two beaches

Lots of driftwood & firewood

Driftwood Art

Rising tide over the hot sand

The south facing beach has afternoon sunlight and is a sacred Huu-ay-aht First Nation cultural site

The south beach faces the top of the photo, we camp on beach on the bottom

The north facing beach where we land and base camp

Looking north

Huh-ay-aht Canoe Run

Morning sunlight

Evenings at our base camp watching the sun set over the Broken Group Islands

Our kitchen on Diana Island. An amazing site used for hundreds of years by the Huu-ay-aht people

Great kitchen setup

Wonderful meals

View from the fire pit!

As part of our agreement with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation,

we're putting in a new outhouse on Diana Island. 

We're also putting in a propane heated shower!

Moon Jellyfish

Harbour Seal

Kelp (spider) Crab

Sailor by Sea Jellyfish

Green Sea Anemones

A humpback whale in Trevor Channel going back to Bamfield

Experience a dynamic landscape sculpted by the winter storms of the Pacific Ocean


Sea Caves

Sea Arch

Sea Stacks

There's an impressive Coast Guard Station in Bamfield.

Trip Options

• go sport fishing one morning during the trip

• take a tour of the Broken Group Islands on a boat

• hike the West Coast Trail

These activities need to be booked before your trip.

We can get you quotes based on the number of people who want to do these activities.

Enjoy the slideshow of our Deer Group Island Experience!

2017 Trip Prices

Deer Group Islands Weekend

4 days, 3 nights = $1,549 CAN per person

Group of 4-9

4 days, 3 nights = $1,549 less 10 % ($154.90) = $1,394.10 CAN per person

Group of 10

4 days, 3 nights = $1,549 less 15 % ($232.35) = $1,316.65 CAN per person

Prices do not include GST.

2017 Available Deer Group Weekend Trips


(Thursday - Monday)

DW 01 Jun 1-5

DW 02 Jun 8-12

DW 03 Jun 15-19

DW 04 Jun 22-26

DW 05 booked


(Thursday - Monday)

DW 06 Jul 7-10

DW 07 booked

DW 08 Jul 20-24

DW 09 Jul 27-31


(Thursday - Monday)

DW 10 Aug 3-7

DW 11 Aug 10-14

DW 12 Aug 17-21

DW 13 Aug 24-28


(Thursday - Monday)

DW 14 Aug 31-Sep 4

DW 15 Sep 7-11

DW 16 Sep 14-18

DW 17 Sep 21-25

Deer Group Islands Week Long 

5 days, 4 nights = $1,749 CAN per person

Group of 4-9

4 days, 3 nights = $1,749 less 10 % ($174.90) = $1,574.10 CAN per person

Group of 10

4 days, 3 nights = $1,549 less 15 % ($262.35) = $1,486.65 CAN per person

Prices do not include GST.

2017 Available Deer Group Week Long Trips


(Thursday - Tuesday)

DG 01 Jun 1-6

DG 02 Jun 8-13

DG 03 Jun 15-20

DG 04 Jun 22-27

DG 05 Jun 29-Jul 4


(Thursday - Tuesday)

DG 06 Booked

DG 07 Booked

DG 08 Jul 20-25

DG 09 Jul 27-Aug 1


(Thursday - Tuesday)

DG 10 Aug 3-8

DG 11 Aug 10-15

DG 12 Aug 17-22

DG 13 Aug 24-29


(Thursday - Tuesday)

DG 14 Sep 1- 5

DG 15 Sep 7-12

DG 16 Sep 14-19

DG 17 Sep 21-26

The opportunity to use this sacred  ancient Huu-ay-aht First Nation village site is extremely rare. As the Huu-ay-aht First Nation develop their tourism sector, they are likely to use this site for other Huu-ay-aht ceremonial traditions. The Huu-ay-aht First Nation  made news this Spring by buying 11 parcels of land in Bamfield. This is great news as some of the prime properties they purchased really needed to be fixed up to contribute to the Bamfield community.

The Huu-ay-aht First Nation own and manage the campground at the Pachena Bay, the north trailhead of the West Coast Trail in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. You go through Anacia, the Huu-ay-aht village beside the  Pachena River.

There are also plans for commercial development of this area of Barkley Sound: a Liquid Natural Gas Plant, and a container shipping port.


So make 2016 the year to camp on Diana Island with Batstar Adventure Tours. I'm looking forward to every day out there this summer. Your visit will help shape land use in this amazing sea kayaking and adventure destination. You can also reserve by going to:

Dates as of October, 2016.  Please note that the above dates will change as trips book up.

The best way to confirm the latest availability is to call, text or email me.  250 720-1079  or


Deer Group Islands Map with Photo References


A video showing the differences between the Broken Group Islands and Deer Group Islands

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